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Hello and welcome to ‘It’s fun cooking’ recipes blog !    

I am Deepa the creator of this recipe blog, someone who is passionate about cooking and serving near and dear ones! Coming from a family of food lovers and good cooks I always enjoyed cooking and trying out variations with simple and basic ingredients which were relished by my family and friends. And as a result they always encouraged me to try new recipes and experiment on them 🙂

I am a foodie and enjoy any vegetarian food from any cuisine which is tasty and especially spicy and could be from a street food to a fine dining experience. Culinary art is the culmination of love and the right ingredients which yields to the right flavour! No wonder everyone loves the food prepared by their grand moms or mother because they always had time for family and cooking was an essential part of their life. With the current generation’s busy life and ‘no-time-attitude’ its becoming like another project in their life and everyone wants a shortcut recipe 🙂

Gone are the days of sitting together on a dining table and enjoying the freshly prepared food. To me those are some of the best memories where we as a family used to relish the traditional food prepared and served hot. Children today are so influenced by the fast food concepts that moms are also under tremendous pressure to cater to children’s taste buds compromising on the essential nutrient values.

Having brought up in Northern part of Karnataka (in southern India) which is rich in agriculture and eating healthy is the mantra for generations. With this view I am attempting to present recipes which are highly popular in North Karnataka region mainly prepared at homes and rarely available in restaurants. Also some recipes for special occasions, seasons and moods 🙂

‘It’s fun cooking’ isn’t it? For many it may not be, but unless you enjoy what you cook how can it give best results? With this thing in mind I came up with this name hoping to give some hope for many who finds it difficult to cook or lacks interest in cooking or finds no time for cooking 🙂

And last but not least, without the encouragement of my family I wouldn’t have been able to present my work to you all. I love my family and thank them for their constant encouragement, support and love!!

Hope you like my recipes and feel free to pass on your feedback, comments through (or) (or)



The work you see here has taken lot of efforts, patience and done with lots of love for representing my passion. For linking my work or using any of the images or content, prior approval is required and this can be done through contacting me via email